Girl’s Susan B. Anthony Costume


She will be wearing this one with pride! Our Girl’s Susan B. Anthony Costume idolizes the power of women, and their abilities. Perfect for a school play, or for the perfect Halloween costume.

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She Knew She Could, So She Did! In every age, there has to be someone who decides to be the voice for the voiceless – who takes pride in making waves! Susan B. Anthony was a real firecracker who knew that the only way to make change happen was to start it herself. And look at her legacy: Generations of women who were encouraged to speak up and stand out thanks to her efforts. Would we have a Dorothy Day, a Nellie Bly, a Margaret Thatcher or a Ruth Bader Ginsburg without her? She was not afraid of bad press, threats, and even jail time. She knew what she and her fellow women deserved and she never rested until it was achieved. Product DetailsStand out and be heard in a costume that honors the heroine who helped get voting rights for women! This exclusive Girls Susan B. Anthony Costume is a powerful choice for Halloween, pageants, school events, historical reenactment, and more (plus, unlike Susan’s original look, you don’t have to wear a corset under it – comfort points!) The black polyester dress features a full, sweeping skirt that will have you looking confident as you march for your right to vote. White lace lines the cuffs of the long sleeves to complement the white ruffle down the front of the bodice. Black lace also decorates the shoulders on top of the leg o’ mutton-style puffs. A decorative silver-toned pendant is sewn to the collar. “Failure Is Impossible!” Susan B. Anthony said this herself about her mission, because she knew the power of women working together! We have to agree, and take it a step farther by saying that having a so-so costume is impossible when you’re wearing this outfit! 

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