Deluxe Trolls World Tour Toddler Poppy Costume


From the hit movie comes this wonderful costume idea with the Deluxe Trolls World Tour Toddler Poppy Costume. Become the main character and go out singing along with your favorite songs.

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Queen of Pop and FriendshipPoppy is a true heroine who brings everyone together. She always looks on the bright side of life, but most importantly, she learns from her mistakes. As a new queen, Poppy is pretty sure that there’s no problem that can’t be cured with a good song and dance number. When she meets Queen Barb and encounters her devious plan to turn all Trolls into rock zombies, she realizes that music and merriment alone won’t fix this mess. Fortunately, she knows that being true to yourself no matter what is always a good idea, even when your other ideas have gone a little sideways. With the help of her friends, she helps everyone celebrate what makes them special and brings harmony to the Trolls once more! Product Details As Poppy says, “Happiness isn’t something you put inside; it’s already in there. Sometimes you just need someone to help you find it!” This officially licensed Toddler Deluxe Trolls World Tour Poppy Costume will definitely help your little one show her inner sparkle! The sleeveless blue dress fastens in the back and has a hem decorated with blue flowers and yellow dots. The collar has a shiny blue overlay just like Poppy’s in the movie. The skirt ends at the knee, and the poufy shape makes it perfect for twirling! The headband features pink faux fur hair in Poppy’s signature updo and a bright blue band to the same color as the dress. Attached foam Troll ears give it the perfect finishing touch! Trolls Wanna Have Good Times If your little one is the queen of dancing to her own beat, we know she’ll love this costume! Together with Poppy, she can find her own inner happiness, especially if it involves singing and dancing. 

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