Plus Size Black Suit Costume


You can use this affordable plus size black suit costume to create lots of looks! Mad Men, 007, MIB not to mention a great look for a groom, spy or president! Available in 2X.

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What does it take to be the coolest spy there is? Is it the gadgets? No, because anybody can fumble there way to success with the right tech at their side. It’s the suit. As they’ve always said, “The suit makes the man.” Now you can prove that fact right when you look extra classy with the help of this look. You’ll be able to crash the Czar’s ball or wine and dine with Hollywood types in this simple black number. But be sure to have your wits about you because you’ll never when a supervillain may be up to world domination. If that happens you just may be the only one to stop him!

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