Child’s Green Footless Tights


Regardless if she is going as a flower, leprechaun, or a frog, these Child Green Footless Tights are a Halloween essential!

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It’s Easy Being Green!Now, a certain amphibian would like to argue with our conclusion, but we look at the vast world of heroes and mysterious creatures and we find that green is definitely a go! First, we’ve got all of those version of adorable elf warriors running around the world, swinging swords and collecting ancient treasures to save the light. Garb of the heroine is totally green! Next, you’ve got the magical fairies toting treasures at the end of rainbows. Can you even imagine them wearing something else? And, of course, you’ve got the lovable frog. Whether it’s a princess in disguise or a critter that knows how to jump, green is going to make her go far! Product DetailsIf you’ve got a tyke who is ready to go for the green, this pair of Footless Tights may be just the thing to finish (or even start) the look. Made of nylon and spandex, these tights fit multiple sizes and are great for a ton of different character costumes. (Rumors are you could even wear them for regular daily walking around! Even heroes need a day off.)Create a CharacterOnce your tyke is geared up in green, the next step is finalizing the character that they’d like to portray. We think combining them all is the way to go. Next up: Fairy Princess Frog Hero! 

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