Flower Child Costume for Girls


This Girls Flower Child Costume is an exclusive hippie costume design that you’ll only find here. Let the peace flow through you and become something whimsical.

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She’s ready for seasons in the sun. At least, we think she is! She can show off that she’s way into peace and love when she becomes a hippie in this Flower Child costume. With the iconic counterculture look of the 1960s, she’ll be ready for a trip to San Francisco. And she’ll even have flowers to wear in her hair!When she becomes a throwback sensation as a groovy hippie, we’re sure that she will enjoy her party or Halloween hangout all the more. Whether she uses this costume to complete her group/family themed costume ensemble, or she just wants to be a retro character of her own creation, this detailed costume will let her achieve throwback status! Designed and made by us right here at HalloweenCostumes.com, we created this costume to be a real blast from the past.An elegant and down-to-earth white dress has all of the styling cues of the flower power era. Lace trim and wide bell sleeves will make her feel like a groovy hippie. A fringed faux leather vest completes the iconic ensemble, and of course there’s a daisy headband to top off the look. Complete her look with some throwback jewelry and a pair of radical sandals or moccasins, and she’ll be ready for a trip through the history books!

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