Star Wars Force – FX Darth Sidious Lightsaber


Allied to the Dark Side, instead of the Jedis? Now you can show off that alliance whether you are at a costume themed event, showing off at a convention, or just to display in your home with this Star Wars Force FX Darth Sidious Lightsaber!

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May the Dark Side – Oh, I Mean the Force – Be With You We have to admit it, Darth Sidious is kind of a genius. He cleverly conceals his treachery during his time as a senator, turns an idealistic but volatile young Jedi against his fellows, has him do all of the dirty work of killing everyone, and then takes over as the cruel and destructive Emperor of the galaxy. W’re not saying that we want to be like him, but we do love a good villain! He’s not just another evil face, either – he’s pretty good with his own lightsaber, which helps him use his anger and strike others down! Product DetailsWhen you’re not using Force-lightning to defeat those blasted Rebels, use this officially licensed Star Wars Force FX Darth Sidious Lightsaber! Advanced LED lights illuminate the blade, while pressing on the hilt activates movie-inspired sound effects. It comes fully assembled so that you can lose no time in betraying the Jedi. Fulfill Your Destiny! Your opponents’ feeble skills are no match for the power of the Dark Side! A word of advice, though: Avoid fighting father-and-son duos. Those are bad news. 

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