Medieval Tavern Child Costume


You and your little one will be set to attend your local renaissance festivals with our adorable Medieval Tavern Child Costume! This costume features a navy blue velour tunic vest with a lace up front.

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Tavern TimeThere are a lot of reasons for owning a tavern back in the day would be a tough business. Those barrels of ale are heavy, you know! Don’t even get us on the weight of Mead! Have you ever tried to juggle 100 tankards on the way to the washing trough? It’s a whole lot of work, that’s for sure. You would have to dodge the fury of angry regulars who had their fill of mead, too. And there is always the threat of a dragon about. Fire and old wooden structures? Not such a good combination! But, there are some upsides… this stylish costume is one of them!Design & DetailsWe would much prefer to be a young tavern regular. You know, a barkeep’s boy who plays in the alley out back. With a sense of adventure and a solid imagination, it sounds like a perfectly fun time! Enter our Medieval Tavern Costume for Kids. The shirt and pants are included, so you’ll only need a pair of cloth shoes or boots to pull the whole thing together! This Renaissance Faire-ready garb includes an old-style high collar shirt with a dark blue vest. The dark brown pants have an elastic waist for comfort. That’s not even the best part about it: it’s one of our exclusive Made By Us costumes, so you know every stitch got the personal touch of one of our in-house designers. You’ll be able to worry so much less about the quality of cloth and more about your next adventure! We’re sure that equipped in this you’ll be the most popular person in the village in no time, and certainly around that tavern.

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