Disney Bambi Soft Headband & Tail Kit


Oh, deer! You’ll be ready to hop around like the new prince of the forest when you get this Disney Bambi Soft Headband & Tail Costume Kit! You’re sure to make lots of animal friends along the way!

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Everybody Falls DownHave you ever tripped over nothing and gone sprawling on the ground? You’re in good company. Bambi knows first-hand the struggles of resisting gravity, but it doesn’t stop him from having legendary adventures. Luckily for you, dressing as Bambi doesn’t require you to learn to walk on all fours! Product DetailsYou’ll be doe-eyed for this officially licensed Disney Bambi Soft Headband and Tail Costume Kit! The fabric-covered headband is has an attached face panel that features embroidered facial features, a soft-sculpted snout and nose, a tuft of faux fur, and two 3D ears. The clip-on tail is shaped like a deer’s scut and lined with white faux fur. The Great Prince of the ForestSomeday Bambi will have big shoes to fill, but right now he can focus on having fun with his forest friends. This costume kit will help you fit right in among the woodland animals! 

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