Gothic Grey Womens Wig


Achieve an authentic Gothic look this Halloween with this Gothic Grey Womens Wig. This wig features silver grey hair with a hint of black highlighting.

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Bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble That’s what your hairstylist says when you ask her to recreate those great gray hair looks you’ve been noticing in magazines and around town. It’s tricky to get the perfect gray, it could result in a much funkier color than you bargained for. Rather than roping your hair stylist into a nightmare scenario, put on this gorgeous silver wig to try out the stylish look. Whether you’re trying the newest beauty trend or rocking a fashionable witch costume this Halloween, this head of hair will give you the dramatic look you’ve been wanting. Far from the aged air we associate with gray locks, this ‘do gives off some major attitude. It will work wonders for your vampire vixen or vengeful spirit ensemble. Even if you aren’t using the wig for a supernatural costume, you’ll find this new head of hair truly bewitching.

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