Captain Underpants Adult Costume


Flip-o-Rama yourself into this Captain Underpants Adult Costume and become the coolest principal around. Remember to avoid water to stay in character as Captain Underpants.

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Toilets Are Always FunnyIt’s a well-known fact that potty humor is childhood’s great equalizer. Whether they prefer Sneakers or Converse, Mickey or Minnie, crusts or no crusts on their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, most kids are guaranteed to giggle when you bring up the subject of farts (some adults are too!) That’s why Captain Underpants is the hero to be at your next costume or birthday party! Striking terror into the hearts of would-be baddies and bringing laughter to everyone else, he is beloved of all the kids he protects.With this Captain Underpants Adult Costume, show the world that you’re no crabby Principal Krupp – you’re a fun, fierce, and forever funny superhero who needs nothing more than a pair of underwear to save the world from villains like Doctor Diaper and Professor Pippy Pee-Pee Poopypants. When toilets go rogue and boogers band together against the good of the people, you’ll delight kids everywhere as you fly to the rescue!Product DetailsIn true Captain Underpants style, this officially licensed, Captain Underpants Adult Costume full body jumpsuit is styled to look like a person wearing nothing but underwear. The classic tighty whities pair beautifully with the crime-fighting hero’s polka-dotted red cape. The jumpsuit has a hook and loop fastener at the center back, and the cape has same-fabric ties at the neck. Sporting a cheery, openmouthed grin, the molded plastic mask is easily donned via an elastic band that goes around the back of the head. It has foam padding inside for comfort and perfect positioning while chasing off the bad guys. Add your favorite pair of sneakers and you’re set to save the world.Underwear to the Rescue!Superhuman strength, jaw-dropping durability, flight, and wedgie action are only a few of your super abilities. Another stupendous skill is making just a pair of underwear look like an entire super suit! As Captain Underpants, you’ll keep your neighborhood safe from Sir Stinks-a-Lot while bringing smiles to kids’ faces. Just remember: They’re laughing with you, not at you.

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