Dead Debby Prop


It’s time to give your House guests and trick or treaters the fright of their lives this Halloween with the new 30″ Dead Debby Prop! So realistic that even you would think twice about being alone with it.

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Bring Horror HomeYou made us do it. Customers kept asking for scarier decorations. “We want more terrifying props!” is what you asked us for! So, here it is. This straight nightmare of decoration that we like to call our Dead Debby Prop. Now it’s here, just hanging out in our storage facility, giving us terrible dreams at night. We hope you’re happy!Anyways, we’d really love it if you took Dead Debby home. We’d really love to get a good night’s sleep, and this decoration is going to be the absolute centerpiece of your haunted house theme this year.Product DetailsAs realistic as this decoration appears, it’s actually just made out of a combination of latex and foam. It’s shaped into the figure of a small girl, who seems to be possessed by supernatural forces. It also features an amazing paint job, complete with blood splatters. And that face? Well, it looks real enough to make any guest who enters your home feel like they stepped onto the set of a new horror movie.The back of the prop has a flat backing, which makes it great for placing against a wall or on the floor, so you have a ton of different ways to display this bone-chilling piece in your home.

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