IT Pennywise Adult Neck Gaiter


Now you can dress up like Pennywise with the IT Pennywise Adult Neck Gaiter. Featuring a long black neck gaiter with a Pennywise design.

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Not AmusingClowns are scary. Maybe in some kind of parallel universe, someone found them funny or amusing, but these days, clowns are just synonymous with death and destruction. A lot of that has to do with the IT movie. The Stephen King inspired movie really turns up the creep factor on clowns by introducing us to Pennywise, the clown who’s favorite pastime is murdering unsuspecting victims in Derry. That freaky clown is the reason we have a tough time sleeping at night!Of course, if you like that general sense of uneasiness that Pennywise exudes, then perhaps you want to infuse your everyday life with a bit of IT. This IT Pennywise Adult Neck Gaiter will let you bring the freaky clown with you as you venture out into the world!Product DetailsThis neck gaiter is officially licensed from the film and is designed to fit over your face. It has a printed design of Pennywise’s face on the front, giving it an eerie aura. The great thing about this neck gaiter is that you can simply slip it down and wear it around your neck like a scarf when you no longer need to wear it as a face covering!

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