Women’s Work It Out 80’s Costume


Get your workout on in this exclusive Women’s Work It Out 80’s Costume. It features a bright pink leotard with 80’s patterned crop top, tights, leg warmers, wrist bands and a matching headband.

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Work Your Bod Workout wear was all the rage in the 80s. And, like everything else in the world at that time, those gym clothes tended to be bold, bright, and pretty intense! Anyone who was anyone could be seen at their local Jazzercise studio, or rocking a new step aerobics routine in eye-catching style.  As a personal trainer, you can’t think of any better look for your big Halloween bash than this nod to workout fashion. And we couldn’t agree more!Lucky for you, then, that we’ve come up with this Women’s Work It Out 80s Costume, because otherwise you might spend your time searching high and low for a used leotard at a secondhand store. Does that sound like the stuff Halloween dreams are made of? Not even! This great getup is 100% 80s perfection and will help you stay true to yourself and your passion, all with a bit of costume flair that’s totally fun!Design & DetailsThe 80s were well known for bright neons and punchy prints, and an oddly seamless mixing of the two. The style of the times was unstoppable! Thus, our amazing costume studio worked hard to capture the era’s essence in this cool look. Made by Us right here and meant to get your heart rate up, this costume includes a hot pink leotard and geometric-print crop top, along with coordinated tights, a headband, wrist bands, and leg warmers. Truly, all you need is a burst of energy and some fab footwear to complete your look!Step It UpAs a trainer, you know all about pushing yourself toward greatness. Nailing this costume look, then, should be a goal you can easily crush. Just make sure to learn some totally gnarly moves to show off with. Folks are going to expect a peppy demonstration! Boombox not included.

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