Trolls Women’s DJ Suki Costume


Get the whole family to dress up as their favorite characters from the movie Trolls. You can go as every troll’s favorite when you put on this Trolls DJ Suki Women’s Costume.

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DJ’s Got Us Fallin’ in Love TonightIt’s an undeniable fact: Knowing how to be a fantastic DJ is a true gift. Think about all of those car road trips you take in your life. Now, imagine them without a playlist of great tunes. Terrible, right? What if the person in charge of the music played Mongolian throat singing when what the passengers really wanted was Don’t Stop Believing – or maybe all of Britney Spears’ biggest hits.A humdrum gathering turns into a rocking party with the right DJ. Knowing the Top 100 chart by heart is only the start of what a good DJ can do. Reading the mood of her friends and playing just the right jam to express that feeling – now that is an indispensable trick!The Trolls’ DJ Suki knows this truth better than anyone. She’s always there to use her talents for good by mixing and DJing her friends into a good time. Sure, maybe she’s a little too laid-back with a habit of falling asleep with her eyes open (which some people might argue is also a talent) but she can always be relied upon to bring musical fun to any party.Product DetailsDraw attention to your DJ knowhow with this officially licensed Trolls Women’s DJ Suki costume! A stylish striped crop top and colorful fringed shorts give you DJ Suki’s signature look that has an almost seventies-style retro appeal. A glittery “wishstone” graces the navel, just like Suki’s. Hot pink boots and gloves with colorful attached bracelet bands complete the look. Suki’s bright orange ponytail under a glittery pair of headphones show that you’re ready to mix and beat-match with the best of them!Perfect PitchWhether manning the decks at a get-together or simply expressing your music-loving personality, get ready to have a good time while wearing DJ Suki’s ensemble. And remember – everyone always wants to hear “Don’t Stop the Feeling!”

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