Lipstick Costume Accessory Kit


Do you love makeup? If so, this year you should dress up in this Lipstick Costume Accessory Kit. Why wear lipstick on your face when you can wear it on your head?

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All About ColorSome people are into makeup—like, REALLY into makeup. They’ve got a real vanity, and all of the drawers are chock full of powders, mascaras, brushes, and lipsticks. Some people even buy extra rolling drawers to store the overflow. If you are one of these dedicated enthusiasts, then hats off to you! In the hands of a professional, makeup can be a powerful tool and an expressive art form. Dress up in honor of your favorite hobby with this simple but effective Lipstick Costume Accessory Kit! We’re guessing you even have a lipstick that matches the color of the headpiece.Product DetailsThis kit comes with two pieces. One, the hat, is fashioned like the head of a pink lipstick, complete with the top of a silvery tube as the base. The other piece is an oversized compact mirror. Don’t worry, this isn’t an actual mirror! Instead, it’s covered with fabric that has a shiny metallic finish. There’s no danger of it shattering across the floor if it’s dropped. Dress in all black to represent the rest of the lipstick tube, or get fancy with colored tights or leggings. Check out our website for pink and black costume options!

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