Wizard of Oz Glinda Adult Costume


You will look stunning as the Good Witch of the South in the Wizard of Oz Glinda Adult Costume. From your favorite classic movie comes this wonderful costume.

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Good Witching HourEveryone knows that the witching hour is at three o’clock in the morning. But what about the good witching hour? Well, we think that’s rather obvious. The good witching hour is at three o’clock in the afternoon. The hour when kids get their major wish for the day and get out of school, the hour when the sun is the brightest, the hour that’s best for both napping in the sunshine and going for a bike ride. This is the time that good witches like Glinda feel most at ease to come out and spread their magical brand of goodwill!Design & DetailsAre you ready to take on the role of a good witch? You don’t have to wait for three o’clock in the afternoon to make your move, we’ve got your costume right here! This officially licensed Wizard of Oz Glinda costume features the lovely pink dress that so impressed us when we saw the movie for the first time as kids! The pink bodice features foam pink butterflies attached to the neckline and waist while stars sparkle from the soft netting surface. The skirt puffs out at the waist and a large jewel and huge puffed sleeves give this dress a fairy tale air. Simply secure this gown up the back with hook and loop fasteners. Finished off with a tall, sparkly crown, this costume will you’ll be ready to make your debut in Oz!Out of Her Bubble and Into Our HeartsGlinda the Good Witch really knows how to make an entrance. From the moment she floated in on her bubble, we knew we’d never forget her! Complete your legendary look with the right accessories. A starry wand, clear shoes, and kind smile will make you look ready to bestow your wisdom on poor, lost Dorothy. No matter the hour, adults and children alike are sure to be amazed when you show up in this Glinda the Good Witch ensemble!

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