Adult Neon Allover Print Christmas Vacation Face Mask


Join the Griswalds while they pick out the perfect Christmas tree even if it means hiking 2 miles through the forest while wearing this Christmas Vacation Neon Allover Print Face Mask.

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Clark! The Herald Angels SingYou’ve always wanted to dress up like Clark Griswold, but there isn’t really a “dress-up in costume” time of year at the holidays. So this year, you’ve decided Life is short, I’m going to do a holiday mash-up for my Halloween costume. It’s time to bring that Griswold magic to your favorite holiday: Halloween!You’ve got your whole outfit planned—the plaid flannel shirt and puffer vest, even the vintage Chicago Bears hat! Or maybe you’re opting for more of Clark’s classy Santa vibe, with the red coat and Santa hat over his button-up shirt and tie. Or our personal favorite, maybe you’re wrapping a whole strand of Christmas lights over your full Santa suit and plan to set your moose mug down periodically throughout the party and plug yourself in. Either way, you’ll need to add this Adult Christmas Vacation Print Mask to your look!Product DetailsThis face covering is one-size-fits-most, and covered in a festive print any fan would love—the movie’s logo mixed with a fully-lit house, bulbs, and Christmas trees. Adjustable earloops make the fit comfortable. Thank goodness this mask fits your Christmas Vacation theme and is super-fun in its own right. Clark would definitely approve!  

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