Child Dinosaur Sublimated Face Mask


Stay safe with the Child Dinosaur Sublimated Face Mask. Featuring a menacing dinosaur face. Now you can stay safe and have fun!

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Long in the ToothTerry the T-Rex has seen it all. He lived through the days when doing a “tar pit challenge” was in vogue. He’s seen his friends grow fur and feathers and evolve into something much smaller than the dinosaurs he hatched with back in the day. And yes, he’s seen some nasty germs in his day. That’s why he volunteered with enthusiasm when we were asking for models for our mask project. He knew that stopping to spread of germs could be a lot of fun if he lent out his special smile. Terry the T-Rex may be long in the tooth in more ways than one, but we have to applaud him for staying on top of modern styles!Product DetailsThis mask is the perfect pic for kids that want to flaunt their prehistoric enthusiasm while keeping their germs to themselves. Though it may be toothy, the wide dinosaur smile on this mask is sure to spread cheer where ever it goes! The sublimated print features sharp teeth, reptilian nostrils, and a subtle scale pattern in the soft fabric of the surface. Loops that hoop around the ears make this face mask a safe staple for school, running errands, and celebrating Halloween!

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