Incredible Hulk Adult Neck Gaiter


Become your favorite hero with the Incredible Hulk Adult Neck Gaiter. Featuring a long green gaiter with an incredible hulk design.

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Stay Safe, Hulk OutThe Hulk doesn’t normally wear a mask. Most superheroes wear one to hide their secret identity, but we doubt it would do him much good. It’s not really hard to identify a muscled up, 8 foot tall, green monster who’s smashing supervillains to a pulp… even if he was wearing a mask. But even the Hulk realizes that sometimes, you just have to play nice with the team. That’s why we think he’d be keen on wearing this Incredible Hulk Neck Gaiter! The good news is that this adult neck gaiter isn’t just for gamma-charged superheroes. Normal, everyday people who want to do their part can wear this neck gaiter in public to help reduce the spread of harmful germs!Product DetailsThis officially licensed Hulk Neck Gaiter doubles as a handy face covering and as a Hulk cosplay option! It’s designed to fit snugly over your face when you need to wear a face mask, but it also has the Hulk’s chiseled jawline printed on the top. And the convenient thing about this neck gaiter is that you can simply slip it off and wear it around your neck when you no longer need a mask in public!

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