Lion Jawesome Costume Hat


Finish off your great cat costume with the Lion Jawesome Costume Hat. Whether you are the king of jungle or have a darker sense of humor. This is the best way to end your look.

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A Safari Gone Wrong “Go to Africa,” everyone said. “You’ll see lots of incredible animals,” they said. At first, it seemed like they were right. You watched the bearded Wildebeests wallow in the dust of the Serengeti. The cheetah and gazelle ran races through the grasslands. It was beautiful. You took lots of pictures…probably too many, because once you looked up from your camera and just saw jaws. So now you have a permanent lion companion. You’re too attached to your head to let him have it, and he’s too hungry to let it go! Product Details Your friends will roar with laughter when they see you in this exclusively designed Jawsome Lion Hat! The soft stuffed hat slips on over your head so that your face can peek out from between its open jaws. An attached fabric band that fits over your forehead helps keep the hat securely on your head. Fabric ears, printed eyes, felt fangs, and brown faux fur round it out!Top of the Food Chain Complete a tongue-in-cheek (or head-in-mouth) costume or simply enjoy the laughs you get when you wear this funny hat. You’ll be Ruler of the Beasts for sure!  

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