Men’s Blonde Heavy Metal Wig


Have you ever been rockin’ the air guitar and dreamed of having the hair of a true 80s rocker? This Men’s Blonde Heavy Metal Wig makes it a reality. Yeah, you read it right. Stop dreaming and start being.

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Rock on!So you, and your friends started a Guns and Roses cover band called The Paradise City Five. You mostly play local bars, but lately you’ve been garnering more interest with your wicked tunes. You didn’t expect to gain such fame, but here it is, right at your feet. You need to get the right kind of style now that more people will be paying to see you cover all the great songs.You need to get yourself a leather jacket. A denim vest, and of course you need to grow your hair out to a head bang-able length. Or you could skip the hassle of having to brush out your luscious locks by clicking “Add to Cart”, and getting this Blonde Heavy Metal Wig. You won’t have to worry about your 9 to 5 job not liking your long flowing hair either. Hopefully soon you can just quit that crummy job and live off your music.