Sexy Santa Elf Costume for Women


Cozy up to Santa in our Women’s Sexy Santa Elf Costume. This exclusive Sexy Santa Elf Costume will have you looking your Christmas best.

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A Big ChangeSo. This is the part where people normally start to freak out. You’ve taken the new position. And you’re just a few days from starting your new job. Normally switching companies mid-career is the no big deal at all, but you’ve decided to straight-up change your career. And we do hope you are getting a hefty relocation package because it’s gonna be a long haul to get your stuff all the way to the North Pole!We’re sure your new gig working in Santa’s workshop is going to go swell. You’ve got the disposition and the work ethic to become a star toymaker, that much is for sure. But, we don’t want to take any chances. In our humble opinion, you oughta focus on making an amazing first impression from the moment you walk through the front door. You should totally dress to impress! Andddd as it happens, we can give you a hand with just that. Because we’ve got this Women’s Sexy Santa Elf Costume ready for your first day of duty. It’s so sharp, we’re sure it’ll become a staple of your work outfit rotation!Design & DetailsFor a changeup to your normal Christmas party attire or for moonlighting as one of Santa’s toymakers as a side hustle, you’re going to love the holiday-themed design of this Santa Elf Costume for Women. It features a green velvet bodysuit. Long sleeves, ribbon piping accents, and a stripe trimmed v neckline make this style extra sweet. The jingle bell collar, belt, and hat are included too. While the candy-striped tights are sold separately, they are highly recommended for the perfect finishing touch!Bon VoyageRemember to post lots of pics so your friends can keep tabs on your fun! There may have been a few folks who were a bit skeptical when you let them know you had taken the position at the North Pole. We’ll admit, there may be a hater or too who thought you’d never be cut out for crafting toys in Santa’s workshop! Let’s prove ’em all wrong by getting you done up as a Sexy Elf. And be sure to bring along your best wooden mallet, we’re positive there’s going to be a lot of work to do!

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