Springy Cat Ears Plush Headband


If you’re going to be a cat for Halloween you can’t go wrong with the Springy Cat Ears Plush Headband. Add a little spring and fun to your costume!

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Everybody Say MeowMost cat owners will probably say that their cats are a little crazy. Between the midnight sprints, catnip frenzies, and even some dog-like zoomies, even the most sedate cats need to let off a little steam sometimes. Which is pretty relatable, right? Everybody needs to let loose, relax, and maybe get a little wild every now and again. Tensions and stress build up, and we look for ways to ease the pressure. Maybe cats aren’t that crazy, after all—or maybe we humans are crazier than we thought! Show off your wild energy in this Springy Cat Ears Plush Headband. Product DescriptionThis kitty inspired headband features a plush polyester for the band itself. The black band matches the black of the ears, which are made of a fuzzy faux fur. The insides of the ears are a bright, satiny pink. The main feature of this accessory, though, is the springs! This particular headband does not have the ears directly on it. Instead, the ears are affixed to small metal springs, which will bounce when you walk or nod your head. We think these would make a pretty fun addition to your dance moves at the next party!

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