Plus Size Man-Eating Venus Fly Trap Costume


Chomp, capture, success! All three are achievable in this Plus Size Man-Eating Venus Fly Trap Costume. The perfect ‘creature’ costume this Halloween.

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When Nature Bites BackIf you’re a big fan of the environment then we have the perfect costume for you. Show your love for Mother Nature and partake in the horror factor of Halloween with the help of this exclusive costume. Sure, your typical Venus Fly Trap is only yay-big, but you won’t be a typical version of this carnivorous plant.Dress up in our Man-Eating Venus Fly Trap costume and you will become Mother Nature’s monstrous terror. Flies no longer satisfy your limitless appetite. As the name of the costume says, you have developed a taste for humans. Perhaps this is nature’s way of fighting back against the vegans or maybe you can thank toxic radiation for your mutation. Whichever backstory you go with, you will certainly be one of the scariest monsters on the dance floor.Details & DesignBegin your flora transformation when you toss on the velour green shirt. After you’ve made your torso into a stem, turn your head into the main attraction, the flower itself. Attach the hood to the back of the shirt. The leaves, petals, and soft-sculpted teeth surround the opening for your face.Next, it’s time for the pot. The shoulder straps will keep your flowerpot secure at waist height. Finally add the finishing touch, the pair of green velour mitts that make your human hands two more leaves.Unbe-LEAF-ably ScaryBring a new kind of horror to the parties this Halloween with our Man-Eating Venus Fly Trap costume. Separate yourself from the boring brood of vampires. Don’t follow the lifeless hoard of zombies this year.Be unique, be something you’d never think of fearing until it’s challenging you to a dance-off on the dance floor. Be the spawn of Mother Nature, the living embodiment of her anger against humanity. As she always says, if you can’t beat them, eat them!

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