Mustache Party Card


Having troubles growing a Mustache? Don’t worry we got you! You can have many looks and disguises with this self adhesive Mustache Party Card Pack. There’s one for everyday.

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We Mustache you a QuestionWhat is your character like? You can be anyone… as long as you’ve got a mustache on. Are you the type to show up to an event and immediately mix a cocktail while telling an outlandish story? Well then, you just might be the party boy. Think you’d feel more at home trotting along a dusty trail on your trusty pony as the moon guides you along your way? You’d totally make a great bandit! Or maybe you could see your self mixing up chemicals in an old-fashioned lab with all sorts of twisting, turning tubes. The smarty would be right up your alley. See, there’s a mustached for everyone, you just have to figure out who you want to be!Product DetailsThis set of mustaches has twelve mustaches, two of each style. The mustaches are delightful, with different shapes and colors for each style. It’s easy to throw them on, simply take the paper off the back and attach them to your face and “wallah!” you’re a brand new character! Whether you grow your own facial hair or you have to depend on faux mustaches and beards, you’re sure to love your instant mustachioed look!

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