Prospector Costume for Boys


Yee-haw! They can go after all dat gold in this Child Prospector Costume! it’s an exclusive look straight out of the legendary 49er gold rush days.

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If you’ve noticed your child has been spending copious amounts of time in the yard with a pickax, or if they’ve got a grey wispy beard coming in, and if you ask them how their day went and they always reply, “Get ‘way me mine, Missy, I’m on da verge a GOLD, here!” Then we have something to tell you… yep, it’s as you already suspected. You’re raising an old-timey, 1840s prospector. But it’s okay! You’re going to get through this because our child prospector costume is going to help the gold rush fever get through their system much faster than it would naturally. Yep, he’ll soon learn that there’s no gold in the backyard, but he’ll sure look like he’s ready to hit the mother lode in this exclusive costume.

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