Women’s Lady Guinevere Costume


Become the legendary figure from the King Arthur stories this Halloween with this women’s Lady Guinevere Costume! This beautiful costume dress will make you the queen of Halloween this year.

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A Seat at the Round TableGuinevere wasn’t only the Queen of Camelot, she was also the queen of interior design. Before she came along, all meeting halls only had long tables where people had to shout battle plans and fighting ideas from one end to the other. The long table that Guinevere gifted to her husband, Arthur, changed meetings up for good. The new design merged aesthetics and meeting logistics and officially opened the way for her to remodel the Camelot castle.As we all know, Camelot ended up being one of the raddest castles of the time. She brightened up the cold, dark stone walls with sprigs of dried flowers and copper accented sconces. Velvet curtains made the bedrooms for all the twenty-five knights of the round table warm and cozy in the winter months. Sometimes people even give her credit for making house plants a thing. It’s said she hung Maiden’s Hair ferns from the rafters to filter the somewhat filthy Medieval air. Way to go, Gwen!Product DetailsYou’ll feel right at home among the cozy tapestries and lush curtains of Camelot when you put on this lovely Guinevere gown. The base fabric is soft with a light sheen. Luxurious gold-trimmed long sleeves fall from the fitted forearms of this ensemble. The wide neckline is accented with a printed floral design while the v-waistline is accented with metallic embroidered trim that falls down the front of the skirt. The look is topped off with a golden crown sporting jewels that match the yellow flowers printed on the bodice. Order in the CourtWith a queen like you around, we’re sure all of Arthur’s knights are sure to be on their best behavior. No jousting in swordplay in your halls, that’s for sure! So whether you’re headed to a feast at your local Renaissance Fair, you’re in a play, or simply want to look extra dignified for Halloween, you’ll slip into the royal role with regal ease in this gorgeous ensemble.

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