Spiderweb Decorative Lace Tablecloth


Bring some spider themed elegance to your table by adding this Lace Decorative Spiderweb Tablecloth. Features an allover spiderweb with spiders print and will make a stylish Halloween decor accent for your table!

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Fright FeastHalloween feasting is a real treat. You can get so creative when your snacking gets spooky. If you’re dreaming up devilish desserts, you might be intrigued by spider smores, ghost cupcakes, and grotesque ladyfinger cookies. Then there are the sinister savory snacks. Hotdog mummies, Frankenstein guacamole, witch hat calzones… oh boy there are so many delicious choices. Well, at least you’ve got one element of your fright feast figured out. This spider web table cloth will send your buffet table in the right direction, no matter what you end up serving!Product DetailsThis spiderweb table cloth is a strange combination of elegant and spooky. A fine, lacey spiderweb pattern is layered over a white table cloth. Spiders are scattered throughout for an extra touch of eerie detail. A great pick for rectangular tables, this cloth can be used for dinners, buffet tables, or even on surfaces to help display your treats to trick-or-treaters.Haunting HostsThere’s a specific kind of person who takes deep pleasure in hosting a spooky Halloween party. If you’re checking out this tablecloth, you’re probably one of them! Making your snack table stand out and that monster cleanup easier than ever, you’ll want to break out this spiderweb tablecloth for many Halloweens to come!

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