Women’s White High Low Petticoat


Make your skirt/dress pop with this Women’s White High Low Petticoat. It will give you that extra flair while being seemingly unnoticeable.

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Worth Every FlounceWe believe that every costume dress deserves twirl factor. But wait! What’s twirl factor? That’s when you enter a room, spin around and your skirt flies out and flounces perfectly back into place. If you’re looking for Hollywood examples of grand twirl factor you can think of “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” from Sound of Music. We know that’s rather specific. But that Liesl really knows how to rock that twirl factor, so it’s worth looking up. Anyway… where were we? Twirl factor! The whole point of this idea? You gotta get that flounce. And if you keep twirling the whole time at an event, you’re going to get sick. This hi-lo petticoat is a great way to keep your skirt buoyant if when you’re standing still. Take that, Liesl!Product DetailsThis gorgeous white skirt has plenty of ruffle with very little weight. The elastic band will keep you comfortable while the tiered tulle will make your skirt pop from every angle! This white color is sure to match a variety of costumes, making it an item you can use again and again. You Can Can-canAre you ready to get dancing? This petticoat is sure to inspire extra fun dancing. From high-kicks to your hilarious twirling, you’re sure to love every ounce of flounce!

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