Beetlejuice Adult Neck Gaiter


Become Beetlejuice with the Beetlejuice Adult Neck Gaiter. This neck gaiter can stay around your neck until you need to use it. Keep it on all day and stay safe!

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It’s (NOT) ShowtimeIt’s been a while since we’ve read the Handbook of the Recently Deceased, but we do remember that there is one name you definitely don’t want to say out loud three times in a row. Luckily, this Beetlejuice Adult Neck Gaiter (Eep! That’s one!) works to keep you quiet in two ways. First, it covers both your nose and mouth, and therefore reduces your likelihood of yelling “Beetlejuice” into the air (Ack! What is WRONG with us? That’s two). Second, it turns the bottom half of your face into…the mischievous and havoc-wreaking ghoul himself, so every time you glance in a mirror or catch your reflection in a window as you walk down the street, you’ll be reminded of why silence, at least in this regard, is golden.Product DetailsThis jersey-knit layer is wearable in twelve—yes, that’s right, twelve!—ways. Let it drape around your neck and keep off a chill, or pull it up to use as a full face covering. Make it into a balaclava or sport it as a headband. You get the gist. You can find a dozen fun ways to bring safely bring Beetlejuice (Gasp! That’s three) into your life. It’s…showtime after all. 

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