Jurassic Park Resin Mosquito Keychain


Show your love of Jurassic Park with the Resin Mosquito Keychain! Showoff what started it all! Inside the fossilized amber a mosquito with a full belly of dino blood!

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Warning: Dino-FanaticsIt took you years to finally find it. Now that you have your hands on a crustaceous period mosquito, you don’t plan on letting it go. Sure, you set out to discover the fossilized bug hoping that it could bring dinosaurs back for us to enjoy, but after seeing how that went for InGen and Hammond, you’ve changed your mind. We thank you—even though we’d really like to see living dinosaurs too. However, we also want to warn you. While we’re perfectly content letting you keep your mosquito to yourself, others may not be so generous. There are some wild dino-fanatics out there. Product DescriptionKeep your most prized possession safe in plain sight with this Jurassic Park Mosquito Resin Keychain! With the faux amber tapped mosquito attached to your keys or dangling from your favorite bag, no one will think twice about it being the real thing. Cleverly disguised as an amusement park souvenir, this officially licensed accessory is the perfect way to keep a personal hold on the secrets of dinosaur cloning. Hidden GemWhether you’re heading out for Halloween as Dr. John Hammond or you’ve been looking for how life will find a way, this Jurassic Park Mosquito Resin Keychain is for you! Inspired by Hammond’s amber topped cane and the little bug that caused a huge mess, this keychain is the stylish way to celebrate your favorite movie franchise.  

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