Women’s Sexy Firefighter Costume


You’ll be starting fire to any room you walk into when you wear this Women’s Sexy Firefighter Costume to your next costume party. Luckily, you know how to deal with the heat.

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5-Alarm FirefighterNow, we’ve never actually worked as a firefighter, but it’s safe to say we know a bit about them. And we can’t think of many instances when a firefighter wants to be sizzling hot. The one exception, that we know of, is this insanely gorgeous Women’s Sexy Firefighter Costume! Sound the alarm bells! You are smoking!This sassy take on a traditional firefighter’s uniform is a fresh way to dress up this Halloween. Not only will you get lots of respect (you are a firefighter, after all), but you’ll also get plenty of people coming up and chatting about your great look. Of course, there is the small offchance that some strangers may pour glasses of water on you, trying to cool you down a bit, but we feel like you can take care of that. You don’t need us to protect you! Now get out there, blare the siren, slide down the pole, and make a hot hot hot entrance to tonight’s party! Product DetailsThis two-piece look is a fun twist on the iconic firefighter’s uniform, with the green reflective stripe at the cropped hem and top of the hot pants. The top is red metallic, form-fitting, and zip’s down, while the sequin suspenders look cute connecting the two pieces. Wear it with your favorite thigh-high boots or heels, and top it with a firefighter hat. We’ll be honest, this costume will not protect you from a fire, but it will protect you from a boring Halloween!Cool OffIt’s rare that a firefighter has to put themselves out, but you’re so hot in this look, you’re practically on fire. You may need to slip out of it at the end of the night and just soak it in cold water for a bit. Hang it dry and enjoy it next Halloween! 

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