Shattered Glass Disco Shirt for Kids


Pop the collar and bring out your moves when you dress up in this Kid’s Shattered Glass Disco Shirt. When you pair this shirt with some disco pants, you will look straight out of the 70s!

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Play That Funky MusicEveryone knows that disco is the best. What other kind of dance lets you wear your loudest clothes, your biggest collars and chains, and spin around under a sparkly ball? The best thing about it, though, is how crazy its dance moves are! We love the Bump, the Bus Stop, the Funky Chicken – they’re all amazing! Now that disco is making a resurgence this Halloween, we think that people should come up with new dance moves to celebrate. The Mac and Cheese, maybe. Or the Can’t-Find-My-Pencil-In-My-Backpack. Just some thoughts! Product DetailsDance the night away in your exclusive Shattered Glass Kid’s Disco Shirt! The bright purple polyester shirt has a metallic finish that shimmers under the disco ball’s sparkly brilliance. The wide winged collar is the last word in 1970s style. Pair it with a pair of bell-bottom pants and your favorite gold chains and get down tonight! Disco LegendDon’t melt into the crowd! Stand out with your groovy costume and your rad dance moves! You’ll have everyone wanting to try your signature Wet Dog Shimmy and your Slap the Mosquito. 

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