Top Speed Costume for Women


You can take to the racetrack and blast past your opponent drivers in this sexy Top Speed Costume for Women. You’ll be turning heads in more than one way.

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High Octane LifestyleSome people slow roll through life. They never take any chances and they’ve always got their foot on the brakes. You can see those people at the very back of the pack. That’s all fine and good… but it’s awfully boring, isn’t it? We prefer the kind of lifestyle that pushes the pedal to the metal. We prefer pushing the speed to the max and blazing through the intense curves on the road of life. After all, what’s the point of it all if you can’t get that heart racing every now and again. Then again, maybe we’ve just been watching a little too much racing these days!If you crave that high octane sort of living, then maybe it’s time to suit up in a high octane kind of costume! This Women’s Top Speed Costume is a women’s race car driver outfit that’ll have you ready to slam that gas pedal.Product DetailsThis women’s costume helps you satisfy that craving for speed! The outfit starts with a spandex blend catsuit that fits with a zipper down the front. The front zipper lets you control just how much skin you want to show off. Zip it all the way up and you have a suited look that’s ready for the race track. Zip it halfway and you’ll get a racy and more dangerous look! The suit also comes with authentic patches sewn onto the front to make you look like a legit champion. Finally, the costume also comes with a pair of aviator sunglasses and a pair of checkered gloves to help bring the whole outfit together.Pole PositionWhen you wear this costume, you’ll be ready to lead the pack! Just be careful when you hop behind the wheel wearing this sexy outfit; you may just be tempted to take your car on the track!

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