Plus Size Queen of Detention Costume


Someone’s been naughty–looks like a little after-school detention may be in order. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your professor that you’re the Queen of Detention, although he may guess by your costume! Available in sizes 1X/2X and 3X/4X.

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Halloween can bring about a whole lot of unexpected changes to a person’s daily life. That thinning of the veil isn’t just about allowing some spirits from the world beyond to filter their way into the mortal world to visit some unique moments upon the living. Wild magicks flood the area and cause no end to chaotic alterations to our world. Now, a few of those things can be relatively predicted—in as much as chaos ever can. You know that there’ll be a bunch of poltergeist-like activities. You know, your general telekinetic activity like chairs jumping on tables or things falling off of tables. (Granted, that last one could just be housecats, but we’re still not ruling out the idea that felines are poltergeists.)Anyway, the antics that are less easy to adapt to are when our normal daily activities are suddenly upended. All our underwear turns pink. Our shampoo is filled with just enough droplets of green dye and facial cream with enough orange that we head off to work looking like a giant carrot. Or, the poltergeists favorite, our clothes all shrink! Now, the only way to address these crazy moments is to ride out the chaos and act like everything is normal. Then the wild magic fades and, eventually, we return to normalcy.Such is the case, now, when you are about to head into school and tend to the delinquents in detention. Who knew that the geists would turn your uniform into this Queen of Detention costume!? The polyester and faux patent leather fabrics you once knew have been shifted into an admittedly fantastic looking dress styled as a belted taffeta plaid skirt and white blouse and accompanying gray jacket in the image of the proper school uniform turned disciplinarian. The poltergeists might have tried to make you a plaything of the detention goers, but, with one quick stomp or a keen glare, you’ll show them who is boss and maintain your authority all day long and even into the night if you say so!

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