Kid’s Firefighter Prestige Costume


Protect your city by running into burning buildings and putting out flames. Climb aboard the fire truck wearing this Kid’s Firefighter Prestige Costume.

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To the Fire Trucks! A call just came out: Someone’s house is on fire! Quick, race to the fire pole to slide down, put on your gear, and climb onto your engine as fast as you can. You’ll soon be headed out at top speed, sirens blaring. Once you get to the scene, use all of your skills to hose down the flames, hack through doors and walls, and lead people to safety. It’s a tough job, but you know just what to do to help. Product DetailsAnswer the call and protect your community in this Firefighter Prestige Costume for Kids! The outfit includes a tan-colored jacket that is designed to look just like a firefighter’s jacket. Four pockets, a black collar, and black parachute buckles make it look extra official, as do the yellow and silver reflective stripes appliqued on the front, back, and sleeves. The same reflective tape circle the pants cuffs, and the knees are covered with black patches. There’s a pocket on each upper leg. The red plastic helmet with the printed badge finishes your look. Your Next MissionWe just got the news: There’s a new kind of emergency brewing in the neighborhood. This time, it’s not an out-of-control blaze. Instead, it turns out that everyone has too much candy and needs their friendly firefighter to come take care of the problem. Fortunately, you’ve trained for this. Trick-or-treating is just another service you provide for your town. You even dispose of the candy all by yourself. It’s no wonder that they call you a hero! 

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