United States Postal Service Cap


Accessorize your mail man costume with this USPS United States Postal Service Cap. This cap is navy blue in color with an emblem on the front that says U.S. Mail.

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Team USPSSure, maybe delivering mail isn’t technically a sport, but we think an organization of people that walk about 10 miles a day should count as an athletic team. As it turns out, hats are a fantastic way to throw your weight behind a team or organizaiton. Show your support by wearing one of these United States Postal Service caps. Depending on where you live, they may even be the ones delivering it to you! You can ask them to wait, rip open the bag, don the hat and thank them for all they do!Design & DetailsThis USPS United States Postal Service Cap is a cool, quirky piece of headwear in its own right, but its value spikes when you realize it doubles as an accessory with a mailperson costume! The completely polyester hat features a sewn-on U.S. Mail logo and a snapback hat size adjuster to make getting the right fit easy — not to mention making the cool backwards hat look possible. It’s officially licensed, too, which is like a stamp of approval from the Postmaster General! You’ll be able to worry less about the stitching of that sewn-on logo and more about how else to round out your costume!

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