Women’s Scarecrow Costume Plus Size


Creep around in the cornfield in our Plus Size Women’s Scarecrow Costume. This costume comes equipped with black hat and flower accent. The green overalls feature a rope belt and cover an orange plaid shirt with straw poking out of the sleeves.

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THE MYSTERY OF THE MAZEAutumn has a way of bringing us all out to enjoy and explore all sorts of festivities that we generally can’t any other time of the year. Obviously, our favorite is anything that has to do with Halloween, but we know that not everything about the fall is all about Halloween. (Apparently.) We’ve got petitions in to make sure Halloween is a constant, all-year event. They are all still pending. (Apparently.)Anyway. One of our favorite things to enjoy has to be exploring the mazes that folks build to test our ability to explore. They can get pretty daunting (even if you don’t think of scenes from certain wizarding or horror films). But, if you know a few tricks, you can discover the solution with great ease. First, you can try the ‘keep your right hand on the wall’ tactic. That’ll get you there, even if it might take a long time. A far better tactic is making friends with the denizens of the maze, though. They know all the secret passages and can be surprisingly conversational! DESIGN & DETAILSYour first step in solving all your maze problems is having the right, approachable look! This Scarecrow costume is just the way to show all autumnal spirits that you’re primed for friendship. Our design team put together bright colors and the very essence of fall to construct this Made by Us costume. It features a pair of green overalls with a Capri length and a rope belt that perfectly accents the tone. Your pullover plaid shirt with open shoulders and a pair of fingerless elastic gloves are comfortable and cool. But it is the floppy hat with the flower hair clip that really completes this festive look.CALLING ALL CROWSNormally, you’d think the job of a scarecrow is to get rid of the crows. But, when you’re a friend of the Mysterious Maze, those crows are actually pretty great for getting a bird’s eye view on the solution! With this Made by Us look, you can assure you’ll be on the right side of all your Fall Friends! 

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