Women’s Poison Apple Purse


One bite and all your dreams of winning Best Halloween Costume will come true with this Women’s Poison Apple Purse! It will be the perfect accessory to complete your outfit. There’s nothing evil about it, I swear!

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Walk this Wicked WayKeeping up with your everyday wicked queen has never been easy. They’re always on a mission. Sometimes they’re trying to secure the throne by taking down a wayward princess. Sometimes they’re simply working on a potion that’ll take the tarnish off their magic mirror. But they’re always busy. Whether they’re collecting ingredients for their eerie tower-top labs or they’re experimenting with a brand-new disguise, they take their new tasks very seriously. It makes sense, right? How else would they become wicked queens? If they weren’t serious about their wicked ways, they’d just be wicked broads. And honestly, we’re not sure that’s worth it!Product DetailsThis poison apple purse is sure to have you in just the right wicked state of mind. Feel ambitious as well as fashionable with the high-shine vinyl. The front is eye-catching with liquid green skull pouring over a happy red apple. A faux leather backing with a convenient slot pocket makes the purse great for every day as well as a costume accessory. Carry potion vials and smartphones with confidence as the zippered main pocket and snap strap make the purse reliable for whatever wicked plots you might be up to!  

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