Mermaid Shell Deluxe Purse


Swimming through the ocean you are sure to find some amazing treasures! Keep them safe with this Deluxe Mermaid Shell Purse!

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Sands of TimeMermaids know what they’re doing when it comes to fashion. They have the best hairdos that they style while luxuriating under waterfalls, applying oceanic secrets like seaweed masks and algae soaks. Their accessories include golden seaweed jewelry with sparkling pearls and lovely seashell tops. So it would make sense that mermaids would make sure to keep their belongings in a purse that wouldn’t interrupt their nautical image. And while this purse isn’t waterproof, we’re sure they’d wholeheartedly approve of this golden seashell purse. Product DetailsThis gold purse has plenty of glimmer and shine to really make your ensemble gorgeous while keeping your belongings safe. The shell is neat with patch pockets for coins and keys and has a zipper closure to make sure your cell and money stays secure. The purse can be used as a handbag or clipped onto the black strap for over-the-shoulder transportation to make sure your ensemble stays complete. Sea It AllWant to glamorize your nautical ensemble? No matter where you’re headed, you’re sure to feel a little more confident with this shell by your side. So when you’re diving into the dance floor madness, you’ll know your stuff is safe instead of floating around in the flotsam and jetsom.

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