Women’s Sexy Fortune Teller Costume


We have looked deep into our crystal ball and see that the Halloween costume for you this year will be our Women’s Sexy Fortune Teller Costume!

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Fishing for Fortunes You can ask just about any teller of fates. Practically all of their clients come begging for news about what kind of wealth is around the corner. “Will I win the lottery?” they wonder. And, let’s just be honest. It doesn’t take a gifted foreteller to know the answer to that question. “No! You don’t even buy a ticket; how could you win!?” Still, it is a rather silly question, we like to think. If a fortune teller really knew where the money was hiding, you’d think they’d be rich themselves. That’s when we realized that maybe they already know exactly what they’re doing. Those shining sequins along their shawls? The gorgeous fabrics they wear and even line their table with? And, we have to imagine genuine crystal balls aren’t just rolling off the shelves at the local fortune teller gift shop. Is there a wealthy patron that keeps these fortune tellers in such luxury? Perhaps that was the fate that they saw for themselves in the first place! It’s pretty genius. Design & DetailsWhether you’re destined for riches or just want to feel that fortune is right around the corner, we have foreseen that you’re going to love the way you look and feel in this Sexy Fortune Teller costume. This is a Made by Us design that our in-house team wove together when they saw how much fun could be had! The ensemble includes a sequined crop top shirt with long, baggy sleeves and a matching pair of black pants. The red turban and sequined sash match the bodice and the chain will ensure you’ve always got a little coin wherever you travel. All you need to acquire is your crystal ball and a wealthy patron to keep you living the high life!  Destiny AwaitsWhen you dress up in our Fortune Teller costume, you’re not the one waiting for the Fates to dish out their surprises. You’re the one in control for once. Find your own fortune in fun when you shine and shimmy with sequins! 

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