Adult Plus Size Delightful Dalmatian Costume


This Halloween become the animal you’ve always wanted. Chase squirrels and bark at the neighboring dogs in the Adult Plus Size Delightful Dalmatian Costume!

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More Than Meets the EyeYou are here to spread an important message: Not all Dalmatians work at firehouses! The Dalmatian breed is old, honored, and has a lot more going for it than its ability to ride on a shiny red truck. But does the world see that? No, no it does not. Don’t worry, pal. This look oughta show ’em what they’ve been missing—a whole world of Dalmatian abilities and attributes outside of the firehouse.Who knows what you might get up to in this Adult Plus Size Delightful Dalmatian Costume? You may go for an energetic run for fun, or you may trot around the neighborhood, protecting trick-or-treaters. Perhaps you’ll prefer to speed alongside cars as they cruise down your street (Dalmatians were bred to run alongside carriages), or you may be found retrieving candy, herding kiddos from one house to another, or guarding your abode from ghosts and ghouls! Just remember: if you see any firemen at the costume party, keep your distance! You have an image you’re trying to revamp. Design & DetailsIn order to make a big statement for Dalmatians everywhere, you’ll need to look like one! Good thing we have got you covered. Our design team made this exclusive costume to be instantly recognizable as a Dalmatian. This is an easy-to-wear white jumpsuit printed with signature black spots, as well as a hood with ears, a cute tail, and a red dog collar! No firetruck, hydrant, or firefighter sidekicks necessary. Go solo in this costume and blaze a fresh trail for your breed!Ruff Around the EdgesDon’t be surprised if you’re hit up with firetruck-related jokes all party long. Come prepared! Ensure that you know all about your favorite breed, so you can educate the masses about great Dalmatian attributes. It’s not the public’s fault—the media has created a one-sided portrayal. Time to show them all that those spots can really do!

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