Adult Stay Puft Reversible Costume Hat Mask


Dress up as your favorite ghost for your next costume event with this exclusive Adult Stay Puft Reversible Costume Hat Mask. This is will be the perfect accessory to go with your Ghostbusters look.

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Too Cute to BustWe can totally relate to Ray. Stay Puft seems pretty harmless. Sure, he may have been an avatar for the deadly being, Gozer… but that cute face couldn’t possibly be dangerous, could it? Did the Ghostbusters have to blast that cute marshmallow man into another dimension? Couldn’t they have just given him a stern talking to? Well, we wanted to bring the big gooey fella back, and that’s why we crafted this Stay Puft Reversible Hat Mask. It gives anyone the look of the malevolent, and sort of adorable, supernatural being, but without the massive destruction!Design & DetailsGet ready to wreak havoc upon the streets of New York! This Stay Puft hat is officially licensed from the Ghostbusters movies and takes its inspiration from the final scenes of the 1984 movie. The hat is shaped like a jumbo marshmallow and comes with Stay Puft’s smiling face printed on the front. You can reverse the hat to reveal a much angrier Stay Puft, with printed burn marks on the cheeks. The Stay Puft sailor hat attaches to the top of the head to put the finishing touch on the piece. Put it on and you may just get a visit from the Ghostbusters!

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