Women’s Retrograde Witch Costume


This Women’s Retrograde Witch Costume makes a cool dark and mysterious witch. This witch doesn’t care about excuses, she’s ready to take over the world.

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Toil and TroubleWitches are always up to no good. They’re always concocting strange potions in their cauldrons, weaving troublesome spells on unsuspecting victims, and indulging in incantations with their witch friends. Society might not be a fan of it… but honestly, it kind of sounds like fun!They get to live by their own rules, hang out in a coven with like-minded societal rebels, and they get to wear some pretty amazing outfits. If you’ve ever thought about giving the witchcraft life a try, then maybe it’s time to slip into this Retrograde Witch Costume for women. It’s a devious design that will have you ready for a night of sorcerous fun.Design & DetailsReady to indulge in some mischievous sorcery? Then perhaps it’s time for this women’s witch costume! It’s a Made By Us design, which means our in-house costume experts toiled away on it to craft a truly magical look. The costume comes with a stunning black dress that has a keyhole front. The sleeves and skirt have matching patterns with cats, stars, moons, and more. The faux leather belt has cord lacing in the front to help give the dress a fitted look. Finally, every witch needs a hat, and this costume comes with a classic witch hat, complete with a pointy top. It all comes together to give you a unique style that helps you stand out from the other witches!More Witch Costume IdeasThis Retrograde Witch Costume acts as a great base for any witch, but you’ll definitely want to embellish this look with a few accessories if you want the full experience. For starters, we recommend pairing this costume up with one of our brooms! No witch would be caught on a moonlit night without one in her hands!

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