Child Dark Reaper Costume


Everyone will fear you in this Child’s Dark Reaper Costume! This dark costume is mysterious since your face is hidden!

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Room with a TombWhen the reaper comes to stay, it’s important to make Death feel at home. For one, no one should act too lively around this character. It’s not only rude but it’s also a little dangerous. He or she could feel a little itchy to do some soul harvesting. You can’t blame reapers for being good at their jobs after all! Secondly, make sure you offer death a variety of foods. We don’t know what reapers eat but we’re guessing it’s something spooky. Maybe they’d like a foggy green pea soup or a pizza with little mushrooms that look like tombstones. And speaking of cemeteries, be sure to add a sad twist to your grim guest’s room with fake tombs and spiderwebs. That cheerful train decor simply won’t help death wake up in the morning with her best foot forward. Details & DesignOur Made by Us looks always stand out when it comes to quality. That’s why you’ll notice a smokier vibe to the ghostly sleeves of this black robe. Our in-house designers added extra layers of gauze to the end of the sleeves and around the shoulders and bone-printed black gloves. A hood hides your child’s face behind a veil so your child’s face will remain mysterious while spreading spookiness. The long black robe trails behind your kid, making a silhouette that’s eerie and photo-friendly. Eerie but still CheerieIs your little one ready to embrace the spookiness of the season? We’re sure they’ll get into the spirit as soon as they slide into this costume. Finish off your look with a scythe prop from our catalog and your kid will have a timeless costume that’ll make them jazzed for a night of trick-or-treating. Want to make this a group costume? Siblings can dress up in a ghost costume to make a Halloween that’ll haunt your happy family memories for years to come!

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