Long Royal Cape Accessory


You may kiss the ring! Show everyone you’re the queen bee with the Long Royal Cape Accessory! Be royal this Halloween with the Long Royal Cape Accessory!

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Listen Up, PeasantsHear ye, hear ye! Your monarch has a special proclamation for today. Your king is burned out from listening to petitions and cutting ribbons. It’s time for the land’s ruler to practice some self care. First, he decrees that someone else will take out the palace garbage and vacuum the royal rugs. Second, he will spend all day in a bubble bath while watching some mindless reality TV show. Thirdly, he will wear his awesome royal robe the whole time. It’s comfy enough to be a bathrobe, and regal enough that no one will question what he does while he wears it! Product Details Be king or queen for a day in a Long Royal Cape Costume Accessory! This exclusive cape is made of velvety red fabric and trimmed with faux ermine for a truly impressive look. It clasps around the neck via a gold-colored chain.Royalty Rules When you wear a robe as fabulous as this one, there’s no question that you were born to rule. It completes a king or queen costume perfectly, and is fun on it’s own as well. Go ahead and do whatever you want to do – your royal status permits it!  

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