Plus Size Maiden Fortune Teller Costume


Put on a show as a sensual fortune teller. Become an international dancing sensation in this Plus Size Maiden Fortune Teller Costume.

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Do you often feel that a nomadic lifestyle is calling your name? Would you love to be labeled as a traveler and make a living with mystical work? Are you going for more of an international look this Halloween? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions then we have the perfect costume for you! Take a moment to look at this Plus Size Maiden Fortune Teller Costume.When you dress up in this colorfully scandalous outfit you’ll be ready to read fortunes and belly dance the night away. Don’t be surprised if everyone at the party comes up to with questions about the path ahead of them. Simply whip out your tarot cards and start blowing minds left and right. If you really want to amaze people at your next costume party make sure you’re ready to bust out the crystal ball! This colorful outfit will be more than enough to get any party started, however, if you really want to step things up to the next level then you need to make sure that you have the best accessories to complete this fortune teller illusion. You’ll need a jewelry set with plenty of gold that will make you shine like the night sky. Also, you can’t forget a classy collection of gold bangles to line your forearms with! It’s an absolute must with this costume.Once you’ve picked out the best accessories you can find, you are sure to be the most glamorous fortune teller at any party you enter. Just make sure to study up on those tarot cards and work on your showmanship… nobody wants to be bored to death while waiting to hear about their future.

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