Toddlers Wittle Wizard Costume


Let him cast his first spell while wearing this Toddler Wittle Wizard Costume! Let your child be an itty bitty widdle wizard in the Toddlers Wittle Wizard Costume!

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What Wizards WantAre you thinking of inviting a little wizard into your household? Congratulations, wizard parties can be a whole lot of fun! You might expect all sorts of tricks such as indoor fireworks that clean up party mess rather than catching the curtains on fire or a birthday cake that replenishes itself after every piece is cut. But there is something wizard hosts should know. You’ve got to keep your visiting wizard happy! What does this mean? First, wizards like their hosts to be at once welcoming and fearful. Make sure to show your reverence whenever your wizard takes out his or her wand. Secondly, be sure to have a quiet place to nap when your wizard has had too much cake. Actually, that’s really all that wizards want. It’s not too hard if you think about it. This should be a good time!Product DetailsYour toddler might not be ancient but he’ll feel powerful when he puts on this robe. The pullover look fastens in back with a hook and loop strip. The sheath underneath and patterned overlay are one piece. You’ll love the drama the foam shoulders and oversize hood creates. The wide sleeves allow for mysterious poses while the beard will add an ancient look to your child’s young face (what better way to prove your kid’s wizarding authority?). A dragon belt cinches everything together for a wise ensemble. Not All Who WanderIs your child ready for a wizarding adventure? This costume will make a serious impact on how cute playtime is. Prepare your child to charm candy from the neighbors by choosing between wizarding staff or wand. Now, we can’t promise that wizarding kids will gain magical powers but we can assure you this costume will cast a spell over your Halloween pictures so you can enjoy them even after your little one heads out on a quest of his own!

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