Adult Supreme Alice Costume


If you’re off to Wonderland, you’ll want to get our Adult Supreme Alice Costume and become the curious girl going on all the wonderful adventures. Be it down the rabbit hole or through the looking glass, this is the look you will want to have.

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Have a Nice TripIf you’re looking for a big adventure, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Wonderland. If fact, you just might fall head over heels for the land under the rabbit hole. You’ll meet all kinds of interesting characters. You’ll see all sorts of places. And you’ll find yourself having the most non-sensical arguments! Sick of arguing with rabbits and hatters? Wonderland has plenty of tourist attractions to keep you occupied. Want to attend a tea party? No problem. Game of croquet? Easy! Want to meet a caterpillar the size of your car? Psh, give us a tough one! But if you’re on your way there, you should really look the part, and you can do just that with our Adult Supreme Alice Costume.Fun Details & DesignThis Supreme Alice costume is a great example of why our exclusive looks stand out from a crowd. From the moment you put it on it’s easy to see the level of detail our in-house designers put into this costume! The dress’s bright blue material has plenty of weight, letting the pleats and flounces stand out even after falling down the rabbit hole. You don’t even have to wear a petticoat, a crinoline is attached to the skirt for your twirling pleasure!Ticket for the FallIf you’re about to fall down the rabbit hole, you might as well fall in love with this ensemble as well! With all the trimmings from pinafore to bow, you’ll look straight out of the Tenniel travel brochures. Now, we’re not sure whether it’ll shrink with you if you sip out of that “drink me” bottle but you’ll have to let us know in the reviews below. In the meantime, we just know that you’re going to have an incredible time in Wonderland!

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