Women’s Premium Batgirl Costume


Cosplay with this Women’s Premium Batgirl Costume! This faux leather costume comes with a jacket that has an appliqued bat symbol on the front, satin cape, and faux leather pants, and finish the look off with a molded plastic mask that covers the upper ha

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Batman is Slippin’You know, Batman needs some help. We don’t want to rag on the guy, but no matter how many times he locks up fiends like The Joker and The Penguin, they always end up back on the streets in a matter of months. That’s sort of why Batgirl needs to step in. Gotham City just can’t handle all these villains and thugs running loose on the streets and Batman’s not doing a good enough job keeping them locked up.Yes, Babs Gordon has all of the skills and gadgets that Batman has, but she does it wearing a better outfit and has a much better attitude about it. Batman is one unsociable fellow! She’s the real hero that Gotham City needs and maybe, you could be just like her. All you need is a rad costume based on Batgirl’s iconic outfit.Product DetailsThis Batgirl costume takes its inspiration on Cameron Stewart’s run on the Batgirl comics. Both the jacket and the pants are made out of a faux leather material in a brilliant purple color. The moto-jacket style top has a zip-up front with decorative zippers along the sides. The front of the jacket has a yellow appliqued Bat-symbol on the chest. The matching pants have a zipper fly and metal snap for fitting. The yellow cape is a satin fabric that fits on the jacket with metal snaps. Of course, Batgirl wouldn’t be caught without her utility belt and neither should you! This costume conveniently includes one that fits around the waist and has an attached pouch and thigh strap. Two more loose pouches can be attached to the belt as well. The finishing pieces to this costume are the molded plastic mask and the bright yellow gloves!Feel FierceWhen you suit up in the fine Batgirl costume, inspired by the comic books, you should feel fierce enough to take down any thug! Just remember to brush up on your martial arts skills before you head out into the night!

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